Maria Rivans - Ambushed, JC

  • £75.00

In this age of image, saturated with selfies and YouTube celebrity, Rivans’s print offers a refreshing tonic: maybe there’s more to life than meets the ego. As Janis Carter gets overgrown with spiky palm fronds, there’s an eco message sprouting here, too: maybe, just maybe, it's mother nature who will have the last word. Finished with a strip of golden glitter, Rivans embeds a glimmer of optimism above all the sci-fi surreality; because somewhere beyond the clouds, the sun is still shining. Harking back to classic collage aesthetics, ‘Ambushed  - JC’ nails that vintage cinema feel. This is technicolor for the twenty-first century. 

From a small edition of 30, printed on Somerset paper, the piece is signed and numbered by the artist.

 This artwork has been created exclusively for Enter Gallery's first show of 2021 'Chasing The Sun'.

Available to buy here and at our Brighton gallery at 9.30am on Thursday 22nd April.